Helpful Used Machinery Information

This page is chock full of helpful hints, links, and information for buyers and sellers of machine tools. Feel free to browse, print, download this information for your reference now and in the future.

Buying & Selling

Buyer's Guide

Seller's Guide

Private Party Risks

Like-Kind Exchange

Understanding Liens & Lien Releases


Wire EDM Basics


Fabrication Basics

Where Waterjets Fit

Intro to Ironworkers & Notchers

Intro to Shears & Shearing

Intro to Burning & Plasma Table

Plate Rolls

Press Brakes

Waterjets Info

Handy Tools

Image Resizer

Tonnage Calculator

Tap Drill Chart

Sheet Metal Gages

Punching Tonnages

Shearing Capacities

Press Brake Tonnages

Motor HP Amperages

Conversion Utility

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