Adding a fabrication machine into your workshop arsenal is one of the most critical decisions any manufacturer could make. However, with fiscal intelligence, most fabricators opt to buy used equipment as the results obtained can be identical to that of new machinery for half to 1/3rd of the new machinery pricing. Although purchasing used machines is a big money saver, it is considered to be riskier than buying new pieces of equipment. As such, you must inspect the equipment you want to buy before you bring it to your shop. Inspecting industrial machinery helps you to assert that it is in top shape and can perform its intended tasks. 

Why Industrial Machine Inspection is So Important

Although most companies perform machine inspections for compliance, they are other essential reasons for performing an inspection on used industrial machinery

Detecting issues early before they gravitate into serious problems

Since industrial machine problems tend to escalate if left unattended, inspections help you to discover them before growing into failures that may lead to serious safety issues and hefty repair/replacement costs.  

Reduces future interruptions due to equipment failures

When fabrication machinery inspection is done regularly, issues that could lead to system failures are identified and can be resolved early. When you purchase used equipment and deploy it at your workplace a pre-purchase inspection can ensure your getting a quality piece of equipment at a value price.

Saves you loads of cash

As the saying goes, "preventing a problem is less costly than fixing one." Finding problems early enough helps you avoid future repair and replacement costs, as well as the costs of all the time the machine will be down due to breakage. Additionally, inspecting machinery helps used equipment buyers to find faults, deficiencies or damage that may be costly to repair later.

Helps you to understand the machine better

When you inspect a machine, you get a good feel of how it works. You'll get to understand a lot of things and not only the action it performs but also the potential problems that you may need to watch out for in the future.  

Know Before You Buy: Problems with Used Machinery

Since used machines are said to be tied to risks that might be unknown, here are some of the things you should check out for: 

How old the device is and the number of man-hours it has been in operation 

Every industrial machine comes with a stipulated life span, and it starts to wear and tear once it leaves the manufacturer's shop. The age of a machine can determine how strong and productive it will be once it lands in your shop but the condition of it is much more important. Inspect used machinery to make sure it is not only well operating but that it is fit for your use and purpose. 

Check the maintenance history.

The frequency of care, significant repairs, and replacements are some of the things that can tell whether the industrial machine you want to buy is worth the money. The record of damages will help understand the kind of work the machine has gone through and if it withstands the type of projects in your fabrication shop. 

Fluid Levels 

Most machines utilize fluids, and their levels and cleanliness can warn of an existing problem. They also provide a well-rounded understanding of the equipment's shape. Low fluids indicate that proper management isn't being performed. Dirty fluids are a sign of existing problems or lack of maintenance. If contaminated, most fluids turn dark brown. 

How To inspect Machinery

While different fabricators and manufacturers use various techniques to inspect used industrial machinery, several critical areas should be given more attention. There is no rule on what should be done during the inspection, but special attention should be paid to control components, moving parts, and hydraulic systems. Several inspection devices can be used to detect broken machinery and assess the status of fabrication equipment.

You can also inspect industrial machines by speaking to operators and maintenance specialists, checking maintenance logs, inspecting the lubrication system, the tool changer, axis travels, cooling systems, and options and accessories, among others.

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