Working with steel beams requires a great deal of skill and precision. Coping is one of the most important aspects of steel beam manufacturing and can be frustratingly challenging unless you have the expertise. Here are 5 insightful tips that can make beam coping easier to, cope with, no pun intended. 

1.   Shift Away From Manual Coping

Manual coping has been the tradition but has proven to be comparatively less efficient than other more modern methods which are much more accurate, repeatable and simpler. When it comes to steel beams, precision is paramount.  

2.   Focus on Accuracy

Some of the worst mistakes in beam coping come from mistakes that are made manually. For example, a layout man can easily transfer information on the beams incorrectly or a manual cutting operation can be misread. When this happens the copes will be cut in the wrong place, thereby wasting time and material.   

3.   Reduce the Cost of Beam Coping

It is imperative that you keep the overall costs of the beam coping to a minimum. Using a beam coping machine as opposed to manual labor. Manual beam coping requires the most expensive shop floor man while a coping machine only requires the initial investment.

4.   Focus on Value Added Activity

Beam coping should be refined until it’s a quick and efficient process. The key is to make highly efficient beam coping repeatable. Many businesses thrive on speed in terms of production and it’s no different when it comes to steel beams. Keep in mind however, it’s not just about making beam coping faster, it’s about speeding up the process without making any mistakes. The most dependable way to achieve this ideal level of rapidity while maintaining consistent quality is to use a CNC coping machine. 

5.   Have a Need for Speed

The biggest drawbacks of manual beam coping are the large quantities of non-value-adding activities that it necessitates including flipping, handling the beam. To be fast, efficient, and precise, you need a beam coping machine.

What Is a Coping Machine and Why Do You Need One?

A beam coping machine is the solution you’ve been looking for even if you didn’t know it.  It can be as simple as a single torch CNC beam coping machine or as sophisticated as a Laser Cutting System. These machines make the manual layout process obsolete. They can do the job faster and more accurately.    

As you’ve learned, beam coping is much easier and more efficient when you use a coping machine as opposed to manual methods. If you want your business to grow, you’ll want to look into beam coping machines.  

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