In Structural Fabrication an Angle Line is a common piece of equipment that is used to produce segments of angle and bar stock for use as “clips”, “clip angles, “long bracing angles”, “Gusset Plates” and other structural members. Its an important process in a structural fabrication shop as many “clips” are required throughout the metal construction process. An Angle line is capable of punching, drilling, shearing, mitering, notching and marking pieces of angle or flat bar. Their purpose is to make holes and slots, shearing at given lengths and even engraving part numbers, notations or other identifying markings to assist in the smaller component manufacturing needed in structural fabrication.


Angle Lines carry an important part in the fabrication process for Structural Fabrication Machinery. They make quick work of the sometimes hundreds of required clips, brackets and gusset plates that would otherwise be very time consuming to cut by hand or expensive and inefficient to produce on a plasma or laser cutting system. Combined with the ability to multiprocess different features (Punching, Drilling, Shearing) they are also better at keeping and maintaining accuracy part to part then manual methods.

Angle Lines working alongside other Structural Fabricating Machinery such as Coping Machines, Beam Drill Lines and Plasma Cutting Tables are an important part of the manufacturing process for all Structural Fabrication Shops.  At Southern Fabricating Machinery Sales we can assist buyers and sellers of Structural Fabricating Machinery in selecting the right system for their  needs and budget. Check out our Used Machinery Buyer's Guide linked below then call us at 813-444-4555 or visit us on the web at