• Name: 3D Robot Laser Cutting Machine
  • Model: HyRobot C20
  • Laser Power: 1500 W
  • Working area: 59” X 98”
  • Industrial Robot Band: Staubli
  • Robot Model: RX160L
  • Max Load: 61 LBS (28kg)
  • Rated Load: 31 LBS (14kg)
  • Repositioning accuracy: 0.002” (±0.05mm)
  • Full Reach Width: 79” (2010mm)
  • Range of Motion:
  • Axis-1 ±160 ̊
  • Axis-2 +147.5 ̊/-130 ̊
  • Axis-3 ±145 ̊
  • Axis-4 ±270 ̊
  • Axis-5 +140 ̊/-115 ̊
  • Axis-6 ±360 ̊
    Orientation: Inverted From Frame Ceiling
  • Weight: 555 LBS (252Kg)
  • Power: 4KVA
  • Controller:
  •  Real time motion controller based on VxWorks;
  •  128Mb storage, for applications;
  •  64Mb memory
  •  A multitasking VAL3 programming language for parallel processing of robots and peripherals
  •  2 Ethernet ports
  •  4 USB ports
  •  2 serial ports
  •  16 input /16 output (BIO) card
  •  Input: Photoelectric isolation 24 VDC-I max = 6 mA
  •  Output: Photoelectric isolation 24 VDC-I max = 700 mA
  •  Fieldbus(Profibus, DeviceNet, CANopen/Modbus)
  •  FTP protocol for file transfer
  •  Dimension (long x width x height): 17.5” X 19.7” X 12” (445 x 500 x 305 mm)
  •  Rated power: 4 KVA
  •  Weight: 132 LBS (60Kg)
  • Staubli SP1 teaching bo
  •  To start and/or end the program;
  •  HMI: free browsing, online help, error correction;
  •  The start and restart of a simple cycle
  •  Screen: 14 lines and 40 columns (no additional terminal need to be added)
  •  6 languages interface (Chinese / French / English / German / Italian / Spanish)
  •  A complete alphanumeric keyboard
  • Select 4 modes of operation
  •  The cable length is 7 m
  • Protection grade: IP54
  •  The right hand or left-handed users can use it.
  • Laser cutting head
  • Adopts USA Lasermech 3D laser head, with compact design, stable dynamic follow-up system, excellent cutting ability.
  • The whole system consists of four parts:
  •  Robot installation basement
  • There is a Collision induction device connected between the laser cutting head and robot.
  •  Fiber collimating beam expander (cutting,
    125mm standard focal length, this collimator helps the laser beam to pass through the cutting nozzle.
  •  Driving system
    The driving system in the follow-up device helps the cutting nozzle to move follow the part surface, the servo-controlled follow-up distance is 30mm, to ensure smooth
    movement and longtime stability.
  •  Fixed parts-nozzle
  • The protection lens is fixed between the nozzle and the optical lens, it helps to block dust and scrap from contaminating the focal lens. The nozzle integrates the electrical signal feedback function, to ensure the distance between the nozzle end and the product surface is constant.
  • Laser Source
  • Equipped with the IPG YLR-1500 new advanced laser source

  • Its advantages are list as below:
  •  30%~ 40% Wall-plug Efficiency
  •  Hot Redundancy, good stability;
  •  Excellent Beam Parameter Product;
  •  Modular "Plug & Play" Design;
  •  Excellent Beam Parameter Product;
  •  Maintenance-free Operation
  •  Compact, Rugged & Easy to Install YLS
  • Laser Source Specifications:

  • Mode of Operation: CW,QCW
  • Wavelength, nm: 1070-1080nm
  • Standard output power: 1500W
  • Beam Parameter/Feed Fiber),
  • mm x mrad: ≤4mm*mrad
  • Power Tunability: 5kHz
  • Feed Fiber Core Diameter: 2, μm ≥50μm
  • Power Stability, %: ±2%
  • Supply Voltage: VAC 3-phase 400V/3P+PE @ 50-60Hz
  • Robot Control System
  • The robot control system includes robot controller, programming teaching box, electric control cabinet, control computer, field control button box and signal transmission cable. It can not only control the movement of the robot, but also link with the laser. The laser equipment can be controlled by the laser control system, and the linkage between the laser and the robot can be controlled by the robot controller.
    Water Chiller System
  • This machine is equipped with an intelligent dual-temperature control water-cooling system. This chiller integrates over-temperature alarm, flow protection and water protection alarm to ensure the machine can work well under ranges of high temperature and humidity conditions.
  • 2.Training

  • After the machine is installed, the manufacturer will arrange a robotics engineer to conduct a five-day operation training for the purchaser’s operators on-site. The training provides the following courses:

  • 2.1 Safety training
  •  Learn the safety knowledge of fiber laser and pay attention to safety protection
  • Master the necessary safety skills in the operation
    2.2 Operation training
  •  Properly independently turn on/off the machine.
  •  Identify and determine the system information and troubleshooting.
  •  Learn the functions of different parts of fiber laser cutting machine: such as CNC control, load and unload the material, precautions of fiber laser use, the operation manual, independent operation, etc.
  • Master using the original basic parameters to cut the parts with oxygen or nitrogen.
  •  According to the condition of the cutting material, optimize the cutting
    parameters, replace the cutting nozzle.
    2.3 Software training
    "The user is required to have the basic knowledge of the programming design"
  •  After training, the operator can install and use programming software independently.
  •  A single part drawing can be prepared; Input the part drawing; Make the part
    cutting plan and production plan.
  •  Able to input the cutting plan into the machine; Calculate the cutting time; Create a production report.
  •  Master data management.
    2.4 Maintenance
  •  Check the machine independently and complete the basic maintenance according to the maintenance requirement.
  •  Through training, the user will learn the basic safety procedures for maintenance.
    2.5 Personal requirements
  •  The operation programmer should have a experience in NC or
    electromechanical field (including technical college).
  •  Understand general G-Code, can operate computer skillfully, has a certain
    knowledge of the mechanical industry.
  •  Can Understand and operate computer office software such as AutoCAD (Note: Purchaser will; need a separate programming computer available for the machine).
  • 3 Installation Conditions and Facility Requirements
  • 3.1.2 Power supply requirements:
  • Complete machine electricity specification (Including main machine, laser generator,
  • chiller, dust collector)
  • Link power: 3 phase & PE
  • Frequency: 50 Hz±1%
  • Rated voltage: 3x400 V
  • Admissible voltage fluctuation: ± 10%
  • Max. power: 33.5 kW
  • Installed capacity: 50 KVA
  • Power factor: 0.7-0.9
  • Protection class: IP54
    Note: The power supply voltage should be protected from spikes and sudden power failure, otherwise it is easy to cause damage to the laser generator. Good grounding is required (The grounding resistance is less than 4 ohms).
    3.1.3 Gas requirements:
  • Cutting Auxiliary Gas: O2 (Oxygen)
  • Gas purity: ≥ 99.95 Vol.%
  • Dynamic Pressure at Supply: 145 PSI (10 Bar)
  • Max. Dynamic Flow: 158GPM (600 L/Min)
  • Connection Pipe Diameter: ½” (Φ12MM) (OD)
  • Cutting Auxiliary Gas: N2 (Nitrogen)
  • Gas purity: ≥ 99.999 Vol.%
  • Dynamic Pressure at Supply: 362 PSI (25 Bar)
  • Max. Dynamic Flow: 1600 L/Min
  • Connection Pipe Diameter: ½” (Φ12MM) (OD)
  • Cutting auxiliary gas: Compressed Air
  • Compressed air quality standard: GB/T 13277-1991
  • Max. particle size: 0.1um (Class 1)
  • Max. particle density: 0.1mg/m3(Class 1)
  • Max. pressure dew point: -40°C (Class 2)
  • Max oil content: 0.01mg/m3(Class 1)
  • Dynamic Pressure at Supply: 145 PSI (10 Bar)
  • Max. Dynamic Flow: 40 m3/h
  • Connection Pipe Diameter: ⅝” (Φ16MM) (OD)
  • Note: Cutting auxiliary gas (O2, N2, Compressed air), the user provides and install the
  • pipe from the gas source to the entrance of the machine. Gas fittings and pipelines for
  • the air compressor, refrigerant dryer and filter to the machine are provided by the
  • customer. Piping need to be made of stainless steel pipes or fully cleaned copper
  • pipes. The size and pressure requirements are shown in the table.

    3.1.4 Chilling water requirements:
  • Chiller Water Supply: Distilled/Deionized water 250L (Conductivity c<10μS/cm)

    3.1.5 Working environment requirements:
  • Temperature, humidity
  • Machine Working Temperature: +41°F-113°F (+5°C-45°C)
  • Laser Source Working Temperature : +50°F-113°F (+10°C-45°C)
  • Laser Source Off-Working Temperature: +41°F-113°F (+5°C-45°C)
  • Laser Source Working Humidity: 20%-75%
    Note: Laser source should be located in the air conditioning room
  • 3.1.6 Facility requirements:
  • Fac ility requirements
  • Indoor site, See available Foundation Diagram
  • Thickness of concrete foundation ≥ 8” (200mm)
  •  The equipment installation area around 700 Sq Ft., (56m2) (7mx8m);
  •  Customer should guarantee that the working area has: low dust levels , ventilation dry, no vibration source, no airborne Oil Mist.
  • Plant shall be equipped with lifting equipment capable for lifting
    and processing the largest workpiece.

  • 3.2 Installation at site
    After the machine has arrived at the customer's site,the manufacturer will send the service engineer to install and debug the machine on site.
    Within 5 working days, the machine will work and the acceptance conditions will
    be met (User site conditions need to meet the above installation conditions and
  • 4 Payment terms
  • 30% Down payment due with order.
  • 70% On Shipment and prior to delivery nt to exceed 90 Days from date of initial payment
  • 5 Time of delivery
  • 10 weeks after deposit payment
  • 6 Service and Warranty
  • 1) Since the acceptance date, the manufacturer will provide a one-year warranty period (12 months) (including the laser generator and the main machin).
  • 2) Consumable parts and wear items are not within the warranty.
  • 3) The after-sale service of auxiliary equipment shall be executed according to the
    standard of the corresponding manufacturer. The manufacturer will help the user to
    coordinate the after-sales service of auxiliary equipment.
  • 4) Out of warranty period, the manufacturer provides lifetime service of the machine.

***All Price, Location and Specifications Subject to Change without Notice***