The BLM LT-FREE FIVE-AXIS LASER CUTTING SYSTEM is more than just a laser. With the freedom to laser cut 3D Parts AFTER they have been formed manufacturer's are now unconstrained with the options in formed areas of tubing.Bent tubes, hydroformed components, tubular assemblies or stamped parts. The LT-FREE 5-axis laser cutting machine is perfect for processing any 3D part with high precision and excellent cut quality. 

  • Five-axis laser cutting solution designed for cutting formed or shaped parts such as bent tubes, hydroformed or stamped components and assemblies
  • System control automatically sets all cutting parameters and optimal focal length based on material thickness and type
  • Internal cameras allow visual monitoring of machine operation
  • Three (3) configurations with different material handling features to meet production needs
    • HIGH FLEX - Dual robots and dual moving part-table handling system including scrap collection
    • PIERCE VALUE - Rotary turn table part handling. Part loading and unloading during the cutting cycle with automatic scrap conveyor.
    • ENTRY LEVEL - Dual fixed table system for use with dedicated part-positioning supports
  • Trimming and feature cutting right on the bend - No limit to part access
  • High cut quality and accuracy - parts ready for subsequent robotic welding
  • Trim or cut features in hydroformed parts
  • Cut features in assembled frames or components
  • BLM GROUP software can be used to create part programs of any complexity in a simple, user-friendly 3D graphical environment


Key Technical Specifications



X-Axis (mm)


Y-Axis (mm)


Z-Axis (mm)


C-Axis (degrees)


B-Axis (degrees)

+/- 140



XYZ Speed (m/min) / Acceleration (g)

90 / 0.9

CB Speed (rpm) / Acceleration (rad/s2)

120 / 100

XYZ Accuracy (mm)


CB Accuracy (degrees)


Repeatability (mm)

0.03 (0.001”)


Mild Steel, Stainless Steel, Galvanized, Aluminum, Copper, Brass, Titanium, Ni-Cr Alloys

Laser Power (kW)

Fiber: up to 5kW