The BLM LS5 LASER SHEET CUTTING SYSTEM is one of the markets’ most complete solutions, designed to evolve with your needs. No worries about the space required as the BLM LS5 has a very compact and configurable modular layout to fit the available space. Capabilities to shuttle feed from the rear or side of the machine allow flexibility found in no other fiber laser cutting system. Also additional capabilities allow for adding a fully automated tube loading, cutting and unloading system can be added at any time in the future which is unique to BLM. The unique design of the tube cutter shares the same laser and cutting head and axis of the sheet laser. This gives you a low cost entry into automated tube cutting or satisfies the demands of your production mix when the need for two separate laser systems is not justified.

LS5 - sheet metal laser cutter


  • Bed options: 3000 x 1500, (10’ x 5’) 4000 x 2000, (13’ x 6.5’) 6000 x 2000 (20’ x 6.5’)
  • Quick nozzle changer to minimize set-up when changing material thickness/type
  • Fiber laser up to 6kW
  • Siemens Controller with 19” Touchscreen Panel
  • Four (4) scrap collection trays on wheels for convenient access and removal
  • Optional pallet changer and material storage towers available for fully-automatic operation.
  • Machine layout configurable to minimize footprint
  • Ability to expand machine capabilities by adding tube cutting module
  • Optimized cutting parameters are built-in the software package according to material type and thickness for increased cutting speeds and quality

Key Technical Specifications:

X-Axis: (mm) 3100 – 4100 -6100 (122” – 161” – 240”)
Y-Axis: (mm) 1550 – 2050 (61” – 81”)
Z-Axis: (mm) 150 (6”)
Nominal Sheet Dimensions: 3000 x 1500 mm (118” x 60”), 4000 x 2000 mm (157” x 79”) or 6000 x 2000 mm (236” x 79”)
Max. Pallet Weight: 900 Kg (1984 lbs), 1600 Kg (3527 lbs) or 2400 Kg (5291 lbs)

Axial Speed: (m/min) max. 140 (5,508 IPM)
XY Speed: (m/min) max. 196 (7,716 IPM)
XY max. acceleration: 10 m/s 2 (394”/s 2 )
Accuracy: (mm) 0.05 (0.002”)
Repeatability: (mm) 0.03 (0.001”)
Materials Processed: Mild Steel, Stainless Steel, Galvanized, Aluminum*, Copper*, Brass*
Laser Power: (kW) Fiber: 2 – 8

*Note: Depending on the laser source used, material cutting capability is limited or restricted.