6’ X 12’ Waterjet Cutting System with Flowmaster PC - Based Controller With Dynamic Waterjet, 100 HP, 87KPSI, Dynamic Cutting.

  • Capacity: 6’ X 12’
  • Water PSI: 87,000
  • Pump Rating: 100 HP
  • Z - Axis Adjustability: 8”
  • Traverse Speed: 0-500 IPM
  • Contour Speed: 0-300 IPM
  • Voltage: 480

INCLUDES: Hyperjet 100 Intensifier Pump, PaserMach4 Abrasive Jet Cutting System With Cutting Head, Flowpath Software 6.2, Flowcut Software with DWJ Predictive Mathematical Models & Active Tolerance Control, Raster To-Vector Software, Waterveyor Abrasive Removal System, High Pressure Whip Plumbing Package, Dynamic Waterjet Precision Z - Axis, 5 - Axis Kinematics With Articulated A/B Wrist, Precision Quick Clamp Cutting Head Mount, Paser Shield, TouchDown Height Sensor, Paser ECL Plus Abrasive Cutting System; Dynamic Waterjet With Single Mounting Bracket, Precision Paser Cutting Head; Dynamic Waterjet, Exclusive Flow Feed System; 500 LBS, Dynamic Waterjet Start-Up Kit, Duroflow ArtificeMount Assembly; Paser ECL, Air Conditioner.

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