In tube manufacturing and processing, tube end forming is a critical component which allows the tube to be joined as necessary to many other components. It also can be a process used to cap, seal or terminate a tube for a particular application. End forming often follows the tube bending process and in some cases can even be a part of that very same bending and forming process. End forming of tubing can take many shapes and provide many solutions for applications like the photos below depict:


What is End Forming?

Tube end forming is the process whereby tube ends are flared, reduced machiend and shaped into various configurations. By reshaping the tube ends features like seals, rings, nut fittings, swage collars and the like can be fitted to tubing connecting these tubes to critical components in the application such as Air Conditioning systems, hydraulics, braking  systems and many more applications where gasses or liquids are pumped through. End forming can be forming or removal operations that need to be performed on a part such as: 

  • Deburring
  • Flaring
  • Facing
  • Tapering
  • Threading
  • Rolling
  • Closing
  • Stock Removal
  • Cutting

Check out this video of Tube End Forming in Action: 

BLM GROUP Tube End Forming Technology

What is the Tube End Forming Process?

The tube end forming process can be a swaging operation or may include a machining operation.  It can include the assembly of hardware such as fasteners and seals and can even include perforations. The applications for tube end forming are virtually limitless as tubing is used in such a wide variety of applications from furniture to hydraulics, fuel supplies and more.

Finding Tube End Forming Machines for Sale

At Southern Fabricating Machinery Sales, Inc. we are experts in Tube Bending and End Forming Operations. With our available selection of solutions from BLM GROUP we have the right solution for your tube production needs. Checkout the links below to shop for end forming machinery or contact us today at or call us directly for immediate help with your application.

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