In Plasma and Oxy/Fuel Cutting process there are a variety of “Table Types” that you can choose from. The “Table” is the support surface that you are placing your material onto prior to burning the desired shapes. Choosing the right one is as important as choosing the right power source for your cutting needs as these “table” types vary greatly in application which can in turn make your job much easier. Here we explore the variable types of plasma Oxy/Fuel table types:

Material Supports:

Simple supports such as Metal Saw Horses, Pillars, I-Beams, or just about anything that is non flammable, and supports the weight of the workpiece can be used.

Cost: $

  • Cheap & Flexible
  • Hard to keep level for Precise Burning
  • No Smoke/Fume Evacuation Possible
  • Outdoor Use ONLY!

Dry Table:
The "Dry Burning Table", much like the Material Supports above is simple table manufactured for the explicit use of thermal cutting and is typically fashioned high enough off of the floor to allow for the cleaning of slag and other molten material from underneath the table. This table provides no fume or smoke control method and is best suited for outdoor applications.

Cost: $$


  • Cheap
  • Level Burning Surface


  • No Smoke/Fume Evacuation
  • Outdoor Use Only

Water Table:
Like the above Dry Table the Water Table can be used for Plasma and Oxy/Fuel Cutting. This type of table is simply a Dry Table as described above sealed to allow the table to be filled with water.. This table is typically made of replaceable slats of steel supported one each edge of a tank filled with water. The material surface is typically below the water line which during the burning process filters the smoke, dust, and fumes associated with cutting. The water does cause some problems with the molten slag quickly cooling and re-adhering to the material as well as rust and cleanup problems but overall can be a very efficient method to controlling the byproducts of plasma cutting.

These types of tables can also be fitted with a sealed chamber allowing for controlling the depth of the water in order to cover/submerge the workpieces as needed.

Cost: $$$


  • Level Burning Surface
  • Basic Dust/Smoke/Fume Control
  • Indoor Use Possible


  • Dirty Water Disposal Issues
  • Rust on Workpieces

Downdraft (Ducted Downdraft) Table:
This table is similar to the water table described above however instead of being filled with water, the table or tank is exhausted by high capacity fans to pull the smoke and fumes from the cutting process down into the tank and ducted to either outside of the machining area out to a dust collector. This type of table can have ducted “zones” in the table which are controlled by the location of the cutting torch which improves the efficiency of the table greatly. Any kind of thermal processing requires a table to support the material that can withstand the heat and absorb or ventilate the smoke and fumes from the cutting process. In most cases, the table is not part of the initial system quoted bt rather an option and must be calculated for.

Cost: $$$$


  • Level Burning Surface
  • Basic Dust/Smoke/Fume Control
  • No Contaminated Waste Water
  • Indoor Use Possible


  • Dust Collector/Ventilation Required
  • Additional Space Required

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