If your a machine shop and don’t have a 3D printer yet, what on earth are you waiting for?  3D printing is not only affordable, it has become almost a necessity in reducing throughput, increasing profitability and engineering new solutions in complex geometries from your desktop. While there are very expensive 3D Metal printers the entry level systems are not only very capable but extremely flexible with materials that allow for a variety of uses.

Here's just some of the top reasons you should add a 3D printer to your shop right now!

Prototypes: Need to determine a manufacturing method? Machining Methods? Assembly Methods? 3D Printed Parts can prototype parts in a few hours from your designs or even reveres

Optimize Design to Part Time: Missing a critical hole? Designers create a near nonmachinable surface? A 3D Printed concept sample part can reveal all these things while the designer, machinist and engineer all collaborate to make virtual parts, real ones that are machinable.

Jigs & Fixtures: Need a special Fixture to hold a part? How about a special set of Jaws in a vise to bore a casting?  3D Printed parts can make all these components happen, and quick.

Samples: Need a sample part to sell a concept, prove a design or win an order? 3D printed parts can be just that.

Emergency Repairs: Need a bracket? Cable Holder? Remote Control Housing? A 3D Printer can have a usable part in your hands faster than you can overnight one AND at a fraction of the cost of a replacement part

Custom Tools: Need a special boring tool? Maybe an adapter or extension to reach in a deep pocket? How about a special wrench or spanner? 3D Printing can be the answer and a life saver for custom light duty tooling needs.

Inspection Gages: Need an in-process gauge? How about  a Go/No-Go Gauge? 3D Printed Gauges can be used directly or machined down for exacting tolerances in a short time compared to ordering a custom solution.

Expanding Capabilities: Sell the parts! 3D Printed parts can be profitable on their own. Whether its a customer giveaway or 3D printing services offered to the general public 3D Printing is the next step in a machine shops profitability.

Whether your searching for you first 3D Printer or your next one, Southern Fabricating Machinery Sales, Inc. is your source for Industrial grade 3D Printing. Representing the industries finest systems we have the know how and the resources to help you decide on the right 3D Printer for your application. Call us today at 813-444-4555 from more information or visit us on the web at WWW.SOUTHERNFABSALES.COM

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