In CNC Tube Processing the designing software is a critical component to the overall success. Systems that integrate between your in shop MRP software, tube laser cutting systems and tube bending and forming systems can be the link that defines your success over that of your competitors. Where most manufacturers have a distinct disconnect is between the tube laser cutting system and the tube bending system. Often these are 2 different softwares entirely or worse yet, the tube bender is programmed and set up completely by hand eliminating the prospect of repeating the setup or making minor revision changes on a JIT production basis.

What is Tube Bending Software?

Tube bending software is a software that allows the user to design tube shapes and control complex bending sequences of their 3D bending machinery all on their desktop PC. Advanced tube bending software systems will allow the importation of complex geometries from other CAD systems in formats such as .IGS, STEP, .XT  or .IFC formats allowing complete compatibility with the world's most popular design platforms as this short video below demonstrates

Further Tube Bending Software will allow the design and manipulation of non round pieces including squares, ovals, roll formed parts ands much more. The complexity of the component a quality system can handle is only as limited as the users imagination. The best tubing software,  BLM GROUPS’s ARTUBE work with not only bending machinery but also tube laser cutting systems that feed and supply the benders with quality pre-cut shapes thereby providing a complete design, cutting and bending software solution. Capable of handling tubing, squares, ovals, open shapes, roll formed and other special shapes without issue is what sets BLM GROUP’s Artube Software apart from the others. 

What is Tube Cutting Software?

Many alternative systems only offer a tube programming and cutting package thereby limiting the user to simply that one operation. Advanced systems such a BLM GROUP’s ARTUBE, allows for reverse engineering to be easily undertook in order to engineer, and in some cases, re-engineer tubing profiles for manufacturing. 

Benefits of Having a Two-In-One Tube Forming Software

The primary consideration when purchasing a Tube Bending or Tube Laser Cutting Machine software package should be: How are you going to integrate all this technology together so that a shape designed is the shape cut and formed? Also, How can we keep the engineering changes and designs flowing throughout all the processes and how can we best integrate with our customers engineering designs on a variety of CAD systems throughout the market? All of these considerations have been thoughtfully resolved in BLM GROUPS ARTUBE software integrating the only solution complete across the manufacturing spectrum of tube cutting and forming. 

Contact the experts at Southern Fabricating Machinery Sales, Inc. for more information on ARTUBE Software, Tube Laser Cutting and machining solutions from BLM GROUP or just about any other manufacturing challenges that lay in front of you. Our team of dedicated experts is here to help assist you in making the most out of your manufacturing challenges.

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