2.6-4” x 2.6-4" Circular Saw with Hydraulic Front & Vertical Vises Floating Shuttle Device Hydraulic Sorting Chute Electro-Magnetic Power Brake Automatic Chip Conveyor Powered Band Brush Air blow Device for Tube Cutting Oil Mist Filter Variable Vise Pressure Control Air Compressor.


Cutting Capacity Round: 2.6" - 6"

Cutting Capacity Rectangle: 2.6-4 x 2.6-4"

Blade Motor: 20Hp

Hydraulic Pump Motor: 3Hp

Blade Speed: 30 - 150Rpm

Blade Size: 18"

Blade Width: 0.102″ x 0.089″

Blade and Bar Feed System: Servo Motor and Ball Screw

Automatic Feed Length Single: 0.24- 24″

Automatic Feed Length Multiple: 2.4″ to 236″

Remnant Length Drop: 2.4"

Cooling: Air Compressed Oil Mist

Machine Weight: 9260Lbs

Floor Space Required (WxL): 123 x 285″

INCLUDES: Circular Saw with Hydraulic Front & Vertical Vises, Floating Shuttle Device, Hydraulic Sorting Chute, Electromagnetic Power Brake, Automatic Chip Conveyor, Powered Band Brush, Air blow Device for Tube Cutting, Oil Mist Filter, Variable Vise Pressure Control, Air Compressor.

***All Price, Location and Specifications Subject to Change without Notice***