31-½” x 39-1/2″ Band Saw with Programmable Logic Controller (PLC) Control for all Electric and Hydraulic Functions Multi-Step Full Stroke Vises with Split front Vise and Variable Vise Pressure Control Spring Loaded Zero Clearance Coolant Through Carbide Faced Saw Guide with Lead-in Rollers Power Driven Coolant Flushed Blade Cleaning Wire Brush Flushing Hose and Auxiliary Coolant Nozzles Hydraulic Blade Tension Automatic Chip Conveyor Blade Breakage/Stall Motion Detector Shut Off Switch Band Door Interlocks Work Light One 6.5 Foot (2 meter) Gravity Conveyor Tool Kit Complimentary DoALL Cutting Fluids Package One DoALL Bi-Metal Saw Blade Instruction and Parts Manuals on CD or USB Data Stick.


  • Cutting Capacity Round: 31.5″
  • Cutting Capacity Rectangle: 39.3 x 31.5″
  • Band Saw Blade (L x W x Gage): 344 x 2-5/8 x 0.063"
  • Band Speed: 52-275 fpm
  • Band Drive: 15 hp
  • Hydraulic Pump: 3 hp
  • Hydraulic Tank Capacity: 22.5 gal
  • Coolant Pump: 14hp
  • Coolant Tank Capacity: 58 gal
  • Material Pass Line Height: 28.3"
  • Machine Weight: 24251 lbs
  • Dimensions W x L x H: 171.3” x 85” x 104.3”

INCLUDES: Band Door Interlocks, Work Light, One 6.5 Foot (2 meter) Gravity Conveyor, Tool Kit, Complimentary DoALL Cutting Fluids Package, One DoALL Bi-Metal Saw Blade, Instruction and Parts Manuals on CD or USB Data Stick.

***All Price, Location and Specifications Subject to Change without Notice***