9″ x 16″ Band Saw with Swivel Head to 45 Degrees Recirculating Coolant System Saw Guides, Spring-Loaded, Solid Carbide Inserts Rapid Saw Head Approach Control Band Door Interlocks Fine Adjustment Head Feed Control Complimentary Coolant Package Powered Band Brush Replaceable Steel Wear Plates on Bed Discharge Tray Shovel Rake Instruction Plate with Sawing Recommendations Saw Blade Guard One DoALL Bi-Metal Saw Blade Instruction and Parts Manuals on CD or USB Data Stick.


  • Capacity at 90° Rectangle: 9″ x 16″
  • Capacity at 90° Round: 10-3/4″
  • Capacity at 45° Rectangle: 9″ x 10-3/4″
  • Capacity at 45° Round: 10-3/4″
  • Recommended Band Type: 1″ x 0.035″
  • Maximum Band Length: 158″
  • Band Speed: Variable, 105-275 fpm
  • Band Tension: Spring Loaded by Hand Wheel
  • Feed Control: Infinitely Variable, Hydraulic
  • Head: Counter-Balanced
  • Vise: Manual
  • Wheels: 14.5″ Diameter, Cast Iron
  • Material Pass Line Height: 29-1/8″
  • Table Capacity: 1800 lbs
  • Floor Space Required: 87” x 42” x 55″
  • Weight: 1200 lbs

INCLUDES: Band Door Interlocks, Fine Adjustment Head Feed Control, Complimentary Coolant Package, Powered Band Brush, Replaceable Steel Wear Plates on Bed, Discharge Tray, Shovel Rake, Instruction Plate with Sawing Recommendations, Saw Blade Guard, One DoALL Bi-Metal Saw Blade, Instruction and Parts Manuals on CD or USB Data Stick.

***All Price, Location and Specifications Subject to Change without Notice***