10’ X 12’ X 24’ Horizontal Boring Mill With Manual Pendant ,Controller, 100 HP Spindle Drive With 22” Dia. Quill And Integrated Flood Coolant System.


  • Vertical distance from table to centerline of spindle 0-144"
  • Length of table feed and traverse 24'
  • Length of quill travel from face of head 0-24"
  • Bed (3 ways):
  • Width across travel ways 112"
  • Overall length, approx. 52.5

  • Working surface width 120"
  • Working surface length 24'
  • Overall length 26'
  • Power operated lock
  • Johnson Drive
  • T-slots & Pin holes

  • Width across housing ways 90"
  • Head:
  • Movement on housing is made through two (2) elevating screws.
  • Hand-operated locks
  • Contains a quill which carries the spindle
  • Spindle is driven by a 100 HP adjustable speed drive DC motor through gearing
  • Flywheel on spindle drive


  • The spindle is equipped with a No. 45 taper, 4-1/2" in diameter at the large end, 3⁄4" diameter taper per foot


  • Spindle quill diameter 22"
  • Power and hand adjustment 24"
  • Power adjustment is independent of table and head movement and provides
    feed and traverse as shown under "Feed & Traverse Rates" below
  • Hand operated lock
  • Spindle Speeds: Spindle speed, approx. 10-130 RPM
  • The spindle has three (3) ranges ofspeed. The medium range starts at 14 RPM, and the high-speed range is full capacity of the 100 hp drive motor. The low speed range is at a limited capacity of 75 hp
  • Quill is equipped with an electronic feed motor providing feed and traverse movements ranging from 3⁄4" – 24" a minute

Feed Rapid Traverse

  • Table 3⁄4" – 36" per minute 20 ft. per min
  • Head 1⁄4" – 12" per minute 8 ft. per min

Pumps included for lubrication gearing in saddle, top plate, Johnson Drive, bed ways
and feed boxes. Hand pumps for lubricating elevating screw nuts, saddle clamp gibs
and ways. Zerk fittings used for remaining points.

Motors and Electrical Equipment:
Qty. Description
1 Main Motor 100 hp, 575/1725 RPM, 230 volts, DC, drive motor
2 Feed Motor 7-1/2 hp, 575/2300 RPM, DC
2 Head & Table Drive Motors 40 hp, AC, foot mounted traverse motors
2 Lubricating Pump Motors 1⁄2 hp, AC,
1 Quill Adjust Motor 3 hp, 1150/2300 RPM, DC, 65/2300 FPM
1 Coolant Pump Motor 2 hp
1 Table Clamp Motor 15 ft. lb., 1800 RPM, Shell type

440 volts, AC

Machine controls:
The machine is primarily controlled via a portable pendant with the following controls:
1. Start and stop drive motor
2. Start, stop, reverse, jog, feed, fast feed and traverse table
3. Clamp table
4. Start, stop, reverse, jog, feed, fast
feed and traverse bed
5. The control cabinet mounted on the operators platform contains the following:
6. Hand operated rheostats for increasing or decreasing the feed rate of spindle
speed within the range of the adjustable speed motors
7. Stop and start buttons for chip conveyor, coolant pump motor and lubrication
pump motor. Limited switches are provided to limit travel of the table and
8. Meters are provided on the head to indicate the approximate feed rates,
spindle speeds, and the approximate horsepower used by the head.

A motor driven coolant pump and piping supplies coolant to the cutter from a sump in
the foundation. The foundation is constructed to drain coolant from around the machine
into the sump.

Chip Conveyor:
The machine has a "shaker" type chip conveyor located in the foundation on the right
hand side of the machine. This chip conveyor is arranged to discharge the chips into a
sump at the front of the machine in the foundation.

Net weight: 330,000 lbs.

(2) Hydraulic Clamping Fixtures:
Fixtures consists of two complete clamping units, each unit including a housing,
clamping rail and supporting brackets.
Adjustable Clamping Rail - adjustable for clamping the various width of die blocks
Housing is manually located on the table in one of the two positions; one
position for blocks from 14" to 27" thick, and a second position for blocks 27" to
40" thick
Each fixture is equipped with pendant operated though push buttons and
selector switches