The BLM TUBE-FORM 10 TON CNC TUBE END FORMING SYSTEM is a configurable tube end forming system with up to seven working stations. The TUBE-FORM can be outfitted with ram stations or rotary tools and rollers for tapering, flaring, threading, rolling, closing, facing, cutting and more. By combining these technologies, you can obtain formed ends with repeatability, finish and quality comparable to that obtained by turning machines. With the TUBE-FORM forming machine you can also benefit from automatic consecutive head-tail processing on both ends of a tube.



Increasing performance

Choose your machine setup

Choose the most suitable configuration for your job.

You can also trim on the machine

By fitting an orbital cutting device on the TUBE-FORM, you can avoid the difficult task of orienting a bent part in a secondary operation to make an accurate cut off.

An integrated cut off is a feature you will appreciate day after day.

You can also trim on the machine

All electric, much easier

Minimum setup time and constant accuracy; Electric axes control all machine movements (clamping, forming and force modulation) for accurate tolerances and maximum repeatability.


Repeatability; All setup parameters are saved with the part program.
Low maintenance and high reliability; Simplified wiring and the elimination of hydraulics reduces the need for maintenance and risks related to component wear. The obvious advantage is that the machine is safer and more reliable.
Eco-compatibility; "All-Electric" technology means quiet and clean machines that proved major energy savings.

Accuracy and repeatability of shaping operations

Complex profiles with maximum accuracy and repeatability and very quick production changeovers are possible when using the combination of "All-Electric" technology and a rotary rolling unit.

Easy to learn. Very easy to use

All possible machine parameters are programmed and managed via the CNC. This avoids the need for manual tuning adjustments thus providing considerable cycle time saving, better quality and job repeatability.

Easy to learn. Very easy to use.

Unlimited applications