The BLM LT14 FIBER LASERTUBE system is a structural, tube and pipe processing system providing the greatest capacities of up to 14" of any system available. The LT14 FIBER cuts large diameter tubes rapidly and accurately by use of an innovative structure that rapidly moves the cutting head, not the tube. With this approach, you can obtain neater and more accurate geometries because the tube is gripped at the beginning and is not released until the end of processing.


  • Cut large tubes up to 100 kg/m (67 lb/ft)
  • Loading and unloading lengths up to 18 m (60’)
  • Fully automatic adjustments
  • 3D cutting with fiber laser source up to 4 kW
  • Process tubes, structural beams and open or special profiles (IPE)
  • Process highly reflective alloys: mild steel, stainless steel, aluminium, brass
  • Consolidates multiple operations that would normally require multiple set ups, plus additional handling and labor.
  • Geometries and angles are cut to meet the required tolerances; without the need for
    grinding or other re-work.
  • The laser cut edges are ready for welding without any additional weld prep
  • The double wall enclosure design allows the tube to be loaded, cut and unloaded without turning the laser off and interrupting the cutting cycle.
  • Different shaped bars can be randomly arranged in sequence on the chain loader.
  • Each bar will be separated and loaded without manual intervention.
  • Finished tubes can be segregated to separate locations according to length or part type for convenient collection.
  • Dynamic nesting for maximum material utilization and scrap reduction
  • Artube Software – dedicated CAD-CAM software suite used to design, program, and manage the laser tube cutting process.

Key Technical Specifications:

Round tubes: min. 25 mm - max. 355 mm (1” - 14”)
Square tubes: min. 25 x 25 mm - max. 260 x 260 mm (1” - 10”)
Rectangular min. 25 x 25 mm - max. 300 x 200 mm (1” x 1”- 8” x 12”)
Open Profiles min. 80 x 80 mm - max. 260 x 260 mm (3” x 3” - 10” x 10”)
Cutting thickness 16 mm (0.625”)
Loadable bar length max. 15 m (50 ft)
Unloading length (m) max. 15 m (50 ft)
Tube weight max. 100 kg/m (67 lb/ft)
Laser source power (kW) 3 or 4 Fiber Laser