The BLM EM80 END-MACHINING SYSTEM is an integrated solution for cutting and machining operations on tube or bar ends up to 3.14" (80MM). This combination of a SAW and MACHINING CENTER provides the flexibility of a turning center with the productivity of a rotary transfer machine. Capable of finished lengths from 0.4" to 23.6" When Tube or Bar End work is what you need the BLM EM80 END-MACHINING SYSTEM cannot be beat. 

Three processing stations

  • Combination saw and machining center for tubes and bar stock, which combines the flexibility of a lathe with the productivity and robustness of a transfer machine
  • Parts are indexed on a three-position rotary transfer
  • Inside/outside chamfering or facing
  • Threading, tapping, rolling, knurling
  • Longitudinal drilling, reaming, boring
  • CNC machine complex turning profiles; - cross drilling and/or milling
  • Optional bundle loader comes in 6.5m, 8.5m, or 12m lengths
  • Optional Finished Parts Conveyor discharges parts to a two-position exit chute
  • Finished Parts Bin can be emptied without machine interruption
  • Scrap Conveyance System manages scrap without machine interruption
  • Tool Monitoring System ensures tool integrity, process efficiency, and quality of finished parts

Measured and certified part qualityIf chamfering is all you needValue added to the part