The BLM E-FLEX 3D WIRE & TUBE BENDING SYSTEM is an all-electric single head automatic wire bending machine. Capable of bending wire and tubing up to 0.40 (10MM) in diameter from a coil. This unique system is provided with two bending turrets with both clockwise / counter-clockwise rotation, which is ideal for processing very complex shapes with 3D development and parts of shorter lengths. The wide range of applicable bending technologies (flexion, strike, variable radius bending etc.) ensures flexibility and high-quality results. Combined with the automatic handling of wire from a coil feed unit up to bending head, the 3D visual graphic programming (VGP3D) and the continuous visual monitoring of the bending process ensure the machine is easy, comfortable and safe to use.


Capacity: 0.40" (10MM)

Material Feed Type: Coil

Processes Available: Feeding, Straightening, Chamfering, Forming, Cutting 

Bending Types Available: Flexion, Strike, Variable Radius, Stretching and Edge bending

Control Software: VGP3D software manages both tube and wire bending systems and interfaces with the lasertube programming software.