The BLM DH4010VGP TWIN TURRET 3D WIRE BENDING SYSTEM is an All-electric bending machine for wire up to Ø .39” (10 mm) combined with 3D visual graphic programming (VGP3D), dual bending heads and dual turrets the BLM DH4010VGP is ideal for medium-to-long part lengths with multiple bends or for symmetric parts and/or parts that close back onto themselves.  Also this design excels at parts with pre-assembled ends, wire-wound resistors or stirrups.

With the twin bending heads of the DH4010VGP CNC, you can double your productivity or complete complex wire jobs all while feeding it via coil stock or with pre-cut straight lengths of wire.

  • 2 independent 3D bending heads
  • 2 turrets for each head
  • Right-hand and left-hand in-process
  • Up to Ø 10 mm (.39”)
  • All-Electric

    3d wire bending machine - Bending from coil or pre-cut bar - DH4010VGPwire-bent-with-twin-headwire-bent-with-twin-headwire-bent-with-twin-head