The coil fed BLM 4-RUNNER H3 BENDING MACHINE is a complete CNC Tube Processing Center for tubing up to 0.875" (22.2MM) in Diameter with the capability to straighten, end-form, face, roll, bend, cut and even unload the finished part, all in one complete system.

  • From coil to finished part with a single machine
  • Coil fed machine for straightening, end-forming, bending and cutting
  • Coil diameters up to 22 mm (.865”)
  • In-process right-hand and left-hand multiple radius, 180° serpentines, square or rectangular
  • Expand and flat flare end form
  • Different cutting devices can be used depending upon the component: internal orbital, swarfless cutter, external orbital swarfless cutter, sawblade
  • All electric
  • VGP3D Software allows you to program and simulate the bending and end forming operations

Key Technical Specifications

Bending Capacity (round tube)

Al: 22 x 1.2mm - Cu: 22 x 1.6 mm

Steel (R= 37 kg/mm²): 14 x 1 mm - Stainless: 12 x 1 mm

Max. Tube OD (mm; round tube)


X-Axis Accuracy (mm)

+/- 0.05

Y-Axis Accuracy (degrees))

+/- 0.05

Z-Axis Accuracy (degrees)

+/- 0.05



Bending Direction

Left or Right

Bending Radius (mm)

16 - 70 *

*Note:  Can be decreased or increased upon request.