More than just an end forming machine, the 3-RUNNER from BLM GROUP is a Straightening, End forming and Tube Cutting System. The 3-RUNNER is a complete tube production processing system starting from a coil which, straightens, forms (up to six stations), faces, cuts and unloads the finished part. All in one continuous operation. 
  • Complete production process – straightens, forms (up to 6 stations), faces, cuts, and unloads the finished part.
  • Modular and customizable
  • Coil diameters up to 26 mm (approx. 1.02”)
  • End forming can be configured with 4 or 6 ram forming stages or with 4 ram and 1 rotary stage.
  • Cut-off is performed by orbital scoring device or blade
  • CNC controlled automatic unloading device allows sorted part unloading
  •  All electric
  • High throughput for JIT production
  • Maximize material utilization

Key Technical Specifications

Applicable Diameters:
Al: 25.4 x 1.5 mm
Cu: 25.4 x 1.5 mm
Steel (R= 37 kg/mm²): 14 x 1 mm
Stainless: 12 x 1 mm

Max. Tube OD (mm; round tube) 26
Controlled Axes 3 + 4 + 1
X-Axis Accuracy (mm) +/- 0.05