5.5” x 27' 10" Tube Capacity, 3KW IPG YLS Fiber Tube Laser with BLM ADIGE Siemens 840D Control, Automatic Bundle Loader, 24' Finished Part Unloader, BLM Adige Tubecutter 2D Cutting Head, Sideros Dust Collector, IPG Closed Loop Chiller and Rear Scrap Conveyor & Front Offloading Conveyor/Table & Rear Scrap conveyor


Manufacturer: BLM Group
Model: LT Fiber
Manufacture Year: 2015
Hours: 5,000
Cutting Capacity: Rounds 0.5”-5.5”/ Squares 0.5" - 4.7"/ Maximal Diagonal of 6.7”
Controller: Siemens 840D Control
Resonator Wattage: 3 KW (3,000 WATT)
Resonator Make: IPG
Resonator Model: YLS (compact multi- mode fiber laser system)
Chiller: IPG Closed Loop Chiller
Bundle Loader Capacity: 28’
Max Tube Length: 27’ 10”
Min Tube Length: 10’ 6”
Auto Unloader Max: 24.6’
Max Offload Part Length: 24’ 7”


•8.5m Automatic bundle loader- max bar length 27’ 10”, min bar length 10’ 6”
•7.5 m finished park unloader / max part length 24’ 7”
•Front unloading parts collection
Table collects and conveys finished parts
Included cont.
• BLM ADIGE Tubecutter 2D cutting head
• Sideros Dust Collector for fume extraction
• IPG YLS 3000 watt Fiber resonator / 3Kw compact multi- mode fiber laser system
• IPG Closed Loop Chiller provides laser resonator cooling
• Rear Scrap conveyor / Metal
belted conveyor to collect part scrap and end cuts.

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