440 Ton X 14’ Press Brake with DNC 63 CNC 3–Axis Cybelec Control (X, Y1, Y2) Independent Synchronized Beam Control, CNC Crowning, Light Curtains and Full Set of Punch Holders

Bending Length: 161"
Distance Between Housing: 139"
Gap: 156.7"
Approach Speed: 3.94 in./s
Stroke: 14.8”
Open Height: 25.6”
Width of Bed: 9.45”
Throat Depth: 20”
Back Gauge X Range: 39.4”
Back Gauge Speed: 9.1”
Hydraulic Pumping Motor: 40 HP
IP: 54
Machine Dimensions: 214.5" X 100.4" X 124"
Weight: 54023 lbs

INCLUDES: Quick Manual Release Of The Top Tooling, Top Tool Clamping For North American and European Style Tooling, Back and Side Guarding with Interlock to Machine Control, Laser Safe Type Guarding with Interlock to Machine Control, Y1-Y2 Depth, X Back Gauge Control, Library For 20 Bottom Dies and 30 Top Tooling, Angle Programing and Correction with Back Up By RS 232 Serial Port

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