You can choose to buy machinery from many sources but very few of those sources even know what they are selling, how it's used, or what other options may be available in both new and used machinery. Southern Fabricating Machinery Sales (SFMS) is a company that provides a range of not only machinery and equipment to businesses in the manufacturing and fabrication industries, but also the experience to consult and guide you in the right direction for your machinery needs and budget. The value of doing business with SFMS lies in several key areas.

First, SFMS offers a wide selection of high-quality machinery and equipment, both new & used. This includes everything from CNC machines and press brakes to welding equipment and plasma cutters. By working with SFMS, businesses can access the tools and equipment they need to improve their operations and increase productivity while maintaining their budget.

Second, SFMS belongs to am variety of organizations including the BBB (A+rated), but more importantly organizations within our industry that not only help promote, but also educate and train SFMS's internal staff to better support our customers. Through ongoing education we are keeping up on the latest technology, capabilities, financing options and so much more. While this may not seem like much, these associations provide the necessary information to our staff about new upcoming products and processes and so much more. Further our staff is certified in Equipment & Plant Appraisals (CEA) by the Association of Machinery & Equipment Appraisers, having been well trained and experienced in properly evaluating and presenting individual machine, or whole plant appraisals conforming to the standards of USPAPS required by industry professionals. 

Third, SFMS has a team of experienced and knowledgeable sales professionals who are able to help businesses find the right machinery and equipment for their needs and, just as important, their budget. They can provide expert advice and recommendations on the best products for a specific application, and can also answer any questions a business may have about the products.

Fourth, SFMS offers comprehensive support and service. The company's team of service technicians are available to provide help with inspection, installation, maintenance and repair services. Further SFMS also offers training and education through articles, videos and one on one consultation to help businesses get the most out of their machinery and equipment.

Fifth, SFMS offers competitive pricing. By working with SFMS, businesses can access high-quality machinery and equipment that's right for their business at a reasonable cost. This can help businesses save money and increase profitability.

Overall, doing business with Southern Fabricating Machinery Sales offers a range of benefits to businesses in the manufacturing and fabrication industries. By providing a wide selection of high-quality machinery and equipment, expert advice, comprehensive support, and competitive pricing, SFMS is able to help businesses improve their operations and increase their bottom line. Call us at 813-444-4555 for help with your manufacturing or appraisal needs or visit us on the web at www.southernfabsales.comNew Call-to-action