Your manufacturing capacity is often limited by the type and number of machines that you currently have available. So, when considering ways to increase manufacturing capacity, there are two basic choices:

  1. Adding more of the same machinery, or
  2. Adding different machines with new functions/capabilities to step up productivity.

Increasing Manufacturing Capacity with Additional Machines 

Adding new machines, along with a few automation upgrades, can help you increase your manufacturing capacity substantially.

Whether its adding another spindle to your machining operation or a press brake to your sheet metal forming shop, adding quality used machinery can be the best and most affordable way to add the manufacturing capacity you need. Used machinery tends to be far less expensive AND more readily available than new machinery—which can make it the lynchpin to increased profitability and production.

Stepping Up Productivity with Used Machinery

  • Machining — If you’re milling, consider adding a Horizontal Machining Center. If you’re machining with a Vertical Machining Center, the addition of a horizontal machining center can greatly increase your throughput while adding increased manufacturing capacity—such as five-sided machining. Coupled with automation technology, a Horizontal Machining Center can take your single shift operation and triple your manufacturing capacity.
  • Turning Consider adding a barfeed/loader or, better yet, a machine with automation built in like a vertical turning center or a multi axis machine with a sub spindle.
  • Bending  If you’re forming sheet metal, consider adding a folder for more accurate bending and easier part handling of large panels. One of the most popular used machinery options we offer are used folders as they are definitely a great way to increase your manufacturing capacity.

At Southern Fabricating Machinery Sales Inc., our technical experts can help you select the right process AND products to increase your manufacturing capacity with quality, well-priced used machinery. Call us today to discuss your needs with one of our experts.