The vicissitudes of business can put us in a wide variety of challenging situations. One such situation is when you need to have some heavy equipment or machinery moved. When moving heavy equipment, you have several options available to you. Here’s what you need to know about moving heavy machinery.    

Moving Heavy Equipment Options

For equipment or machinery that is too heavy to move with ordinary tools or by hand, you’ll want to consider moving it by truck. Keep in mind, when moving equipment by truck, you’ll have a number of options to choose from. 

First, you have the Lowboy, which is essentially a double-drop with a detachable deck. These have a capacity of 44.000 lbs and run from 9 to 10 feet long.

Flatbed trailers are quite common and have a capacity of 48,000 lbs. These run up to 50 feet in length and are relatively versatile in terms of what kind of equipment they can move.

There are many other variations for moving heavy machinery. To make the best decision, you should get in touch with a qualified professional with experience moving similar machinery. They can recommend the best option for your needs.   

If your machinery is vulnerable to water or the elements, you should have it transported in an enclosed box trailer instead. 

How To Move Heavy Equipment by Hand

If you’re moving heavy equipment by hand, an overhead crane is the best choice only.  Secondly you may choose a forklift to lift the machinery but given that most machines are top heavy this is not the first choice. A half-ton chain hoist is a great tool to have around when moving heavy equipment by hand. Alternatively you can use the old rope and hoist pulley system which is still one of the most popular choices.

Another thing that you should have in your workshop is a machinery jack. You can use these specialised jacks to lift things that weigh thousands of pounds and work with machinery skates to move them where you need them to be. 

Tools for Moving Heavy Machinery

There are a number of tools available to you for moving heavy equipment. One of the most versatile tools is the hand truck dolly. As long as it’s not too big, you can lift almost anything with a dollie and easily wheel it to your destination. These tools work by strapping equipment to it, tilting it back, and rolling it to where you need it to go.   

When you’re moving heavy machinery over short distances, a forklift is one of the tools that you have to choose from. These machines can move incredibly heavy loads from point A to point B with ease. Although you can’t use a forklift to move heavy equipment long distances, forklifts are perfect for moving machinery long enough to load onto a truck. 

Air Bags are another clever option for lifting heavy machinery, especially for equipment with a weight that is not evenly distributed. Essentially you use a compressor to inflate the bags then  place an air powered platform to make the equipment literally float over the floor. 

Get in Touch with Southern Fabricating

For businesses that need to move heavy equipment or machinery, a little advice can go a long way. Get in touch with Southern Fabricating Machinery Sales and get a consult on the best way to move your equipment. You can’t beat expert advice, and when you call Southern Fab, that’s exactly what you get! 

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