CNC Machinery is an ideal investment for all machine shops and can also be very well suited for most fabrication shops too as the processes of manufacturing we see today cross many boundaries between these two types of manufacturers. Although the decision to purchase a CNC Machine may be left to a sole individual or be handled or company team there are definite advantages to buying quality used cnc machinery. Just like with cars, a CNC Machine loses 25% of its initial value that first year of ownership and if there is no technological or performance loss, a quality 2-3 year old machine can save you 35 - 50% over the price of new.

Buying a used CNC Machine is based on value, not price. If you can add capability or capacity to your shop for ½ the cost of new, your fiduciary responsibility at least requires you to consider it. You can save tens of thousands of dollars from a new machine purchase and while the new machinery may be slick and shiny, it will get dirty just as quick as a used machine and you will lose more value quicker. A used CNC Machine option can be the best value overall.

Often we are buying CNC Machinery based on an immediate need and that immediate need requires and immediate solution that is often when we start the search. Finding out new machinery can be many months out does not help our immediate production needs and a quality used machine can be the choice to meet the demand. Typically used cnc machinery can be on your floor and under power in 7-10 days including a complete machine inspection ensuring you're buying a quality cared-for machine as opposed to someone else's problem.

Often with used CNC Machinery you can afford MORE machine, including productivity enhancing options like live tooling, larger tool changers, automation or even a larger capacity machine as the investment cost is far less then new CNC machinery offerings. These added value features offer more performance over all from your used CNC Machine investment getting more parts off the machine faster.

But how do you buy a used machine?

Step 1) Find an intelligent machinery dealer, that come from a manufacturing background, just like the folks at SFMS
Step 2) Share what you're important issues and challenges are with the decision you need to make.
Step 3) Discuss the skill level of you and your shop to establish how much help you’ll need or will be recommended for your used CNC machine purchase.
Step 4) Explore the Options to finance your purchase keeping your cash reserves for unanticipated tooling, material or install costs.

That's where we come in to assist. With hundreds of available options and thousands more through our network of machinery dealers worldwide, Southern Fabricating Machinery Sales, can help you select the right machine for your job, skill level and budget. We also can provide the right team of aftermarket support technicians to ensure your machine is successful the day it hits the ground. All this coupled with the ability to finance your investment including freight, rigging, facility upgrades, tooling and more are available with us.

At Southern Fabricating Machinery Sales we have created an easy to use buyer’s guide to help you select the right machine and the right deal. This buyer’s guide is available free to you just by clicking on the link below. Coupled with our Machinery inspection forms we go the distance in helping our customers get the most value out of every machinery purchase.