3D printing is a modern phenomenon that people are still wrapping their heads around. Don’t worry about the technical aspects of a 3D printing machine, all you should be focusing on are the amazing 3D printing applications out there! Here is an introduction to some of the many valuable use cases for 3D printing. 

What is 3D Printing Technology Capable of?

3D printing gets a lot of hype and for good reason, 3D printing technology is amazing, but what is it actually capable of? The technology works around the concept of layering filament around a pattern to create a solid, useful, or decorative object. Think of the filament as the ink. The process is simultaneously simple and complex. One thing however, is crystal clear, and that is the fact that the sky's the limit when it comes to 3D printing. 

In the early days of 3D Printing the systems were only capable of printing small samples of products as the materials they printed with (ABS Plastic) were not very durable. As the technology progressed so did the machinery and the filament where as we have now durable usable pieces coming right off the printer due to high nozzle heat, warmed print cabinets and filament that is stronger than ever before. One of the most exciting things about 3D printing technology is that it’s constantly evolving and growing, adding new applications all the time. The technology has shown no signs of slowing down, promising us a world of endless possibility. Whether you’re a business or a creative, owning a 3D printer is highly advantageous.   

5 Valuable Use Cases for 3D Printing

Let’s take a look at some of the most innovative and useful 3D printing applications. There are so many things that you or your business could use a 3D printer for, the possibilities are truly limitless. Here are some of the most exciting use cases to date. 

Jewelry Have you ever tried your hand at making jewelry, either for the sport of it or to sell online through outlets like Etsy? Making jewelry just got a whole lot easier, with 3D printing! You can use a 3D printer to produce almost any type of jewelry, and the best part is, once the design is configured, you can easily reproduce the same jewelry over and over again with minimal effort. Whether your printing a piece to later be cast in precious metals or your 3D Printing a piece you intend to color and emblaze with jewels, 3D Printing is leading the way in creativity in Jewelry designs.

Replacement Parts There is nothing more frustrating than trying to fix something without having the proper replacement part. Many times for older or rare equipment replacement parts are simply not available. Some things can never be fully repaired unless you have the replacement part it needs. When you own a 3D printer, you can use the machine to produce suitable replacement parts for any number of things. Using a bit of reverse engineering you can reproduce a broken, worn or damaged part. It’s like having your own little factory in your workshop! Whether that workshop is in your garage, your basement, or place of business, the right 3D printer can be a productive powerhouse! 

Shoes Until today, most shoes were made exclusively in factories, molded with expensive tooling and then stitched together with various materials.Now it’s possible to use a 3D printer to produce comfortable stylish shoes from one or more materials right on your desktop. Using this method, shoes can be produced more stylish, conservatively and more efficiently allowing for test marketing or custom one-off designed shoes. 

Miniature Models Do you have a model train set or enjoy constructing miniature towns? Then you’re going to love owning a 3D printing machine. Using 3D printing software and machinery, you can print out miniature models and specialty replicas to add to your miniature model collection. From buildings to power lines a 3D Printer can virtually recreate a whole cityscape in miniature

Functional Organs Perhaps one of the most exciting potential 3D printing use cases of all, is the possibility of making 3D printed organs. These aren’t just models mind you, scientists are looking into the possibilities of using 3D printing software to actually produce functional replacement organs, so you might want to hold off on that life insurance policy for a while!   

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